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Fees installment

YaSchools platform provides the possibility of collecting tuition fees from parents directly to the bank account of the educational company with setting the necessary settings to activate the installment service by specifying the number of installments, the value of each installment and the date of payment

Parent notification before the due date of the fee installment

Payments reports to indicate the status of fees collected, due and also arrears

Receiving the installments at the school's registration offices and updating them on the platform


Fees financing

YaSchools platform, through its partners, provides the ability to finance school seat fees for parents, and pay these fees in installments over 12 months. The finance request is reviewed and approved within 24 hours, and tuition fees are transferred directly to the educational company’s bank account.

Finance request is available to most parents through the platform directly

Immediate approval of funding requests and transfer of funds to the school's bank account

The financing service can be used to pay late fees (defaulted)

Managing interviews for new students

School officials can manage personal interviews for new students in full compliance with the precautionary measures followed, as school officials can specify the days and dates available for interviews, which will be added to school visitors wishing to reserve seats at the school.

Determining the number of students allowed for each available appointment (attendant or remote)

Determine the fees required for the interview (if any)

Update the student's status after the interview


That's not all!

We have more

Effective communication

Improving effective communication with existing students and contributing to attracting new students

Improving the relationship with the beneficiaries

Forming distinguished relationships with parents and new users and leaving good impressions through the evaluation service

Marketing Services

Reaching a larger base of the target audience of individuals and business sector employees

Manage discounts

Promoting school discounts according to the target segments with an integrated and flexible automated system (discounts for brothers - companies - special discounts)

Digital presence

Increasing awareness of the facility and improving access to it by enhancing its digital presence

Full control of school information

A control panel that enables the school administrator to add or modify school data in addition to news, daily activities and events

Process automation

Facilitating parent's signing of contracts and attaching the required files and documents without the need to visit the school

Integration with systems

Integration with the academic and accounting systems used in the school